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Sember is a mom of two precious kids,  an experienced childbirth educator specializing in the Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing. She is a sought-after birth doula, and certified yoga instructor.


My Story

It is my belief that with appropriate education and unwavering support, every woman is capable of achieving the birth experience that she desires. 

I have learned over the years that education can make or break an experience. Childbirth is a one-time opportunity to welcome a baby into the world and every woman deserves the chance to bring her baby earthside with peace, comfort, and surrounded by support. 

After graduating from college with a Bachelors's in Elementary Education, I spent 11 years serving elementary students fulfilling my goal of becoming a teacher. In those 11 years, I have served in several capacities in the schools and worked toward completing a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership. During that time, I also married my husband, became a mother to two amazing children, and continued my education further. I became a birth doula, following in my mother’s footsteps, completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. As a yoga instructor, I have studied safe and restorative prenatal yoga. Currently, I am also providing Hypnobirthing classes using the Mongan Method.


Through all of these diverse experiences, I realize that I have a deep desire to provide education to women during pregnancy to help them achieve their pregnancy and birth goals. 


I am lucky to have been surrounded by many strong women in my life throughout all of these experiences and they have provided incredible support and invaluable lessons that have helped shape who I am today. Interactions with my children, family, friends, students, yoga students, and new mothers feed my soul and fulfill my desire to provide service. My core drive is to nurture and educate. I achieve this by teaching yoga and serving families as a birth doula.


- Sember 


I'm excited to support you in your pregnancy, birthing, and self-care goals. Let's connect.

1 (321) 414-9197

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