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Are you struggling with self-care? Do you know that self-care is also preventative-care?


Are you frustrated with your lack of energy, the way your clothes fit, and always feeling depleted?


You are not alone.


In a culture that expects mothers to do everything perfectly and be everything, wearing chronic stress and anxiety-like a badge of honor, it makes sense that most mothers are struggling to stay emotionally and physically fit and healthy. 


We are here to help find your way back feeling and looking good again. HealthyMomU is a proven health and nutrition support platform for moms who do it all... except finding time to care for themselves. We provide education, resources, and support to hard-working and selfless women on how to prioritize their own wellness focusing on the 5 pillars of health. 


  1. Food Choices and Nutrition

  2. Movement and Recreation

  3. Stress Management and Mindset

  4. Adequate Rest and Sleep Quality

  5. Environment and Natural living

What you need to know...

We are experienced moms who understand feelings of being isolated, alone,  and overwhelmed.

We know perfection does not exist, but personal growth does (and we understand the pressure of perfectionism is toxic to our body, mind, and spirit).

We know that everyone needs help sometimes, even a superwoman like you. 


We know that It’s important to ask for help and allow people you trust to help you.


We know that our children need us to be healthy both emotionally and physically.

HealthyMomU is a trusted, safe, peaceful, genuine, and responsible platform for reaching your health and wellness goals. 

Here you will be seen, heard, and educated on how being a good mother does not have to lead to the deterioration of your overall health and wellness.

We will teach you how to help yourself as much as you help the people you care for...and not feel guilty about it!

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