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Christy Vergara, MS, IBCLC

 Nutrition Expert, Women's Wellness Coach, Animal Flow Instructor, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Christy describes her personal wellness challenges and why she is on a mission to help moms rise above.

Health promotion and optimal nutrition have been my love since I was a teen when I began to notice how my food choices affected my moods, energy levels, and overall mental and physical health. I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in Dietetics and Human Nutrition in 2003 and 2006. I began my career working for the Western Human Nutrition Research Center at U.C. Davis and Northbay Medical Center in Northern California. After my husband and I moved to the East Coast, I became employed by the Florida Department of Health's "Healthy Families" and "Women, Infants, and Children" programs. Currently, I am a faculty member at Eastern Florida State College, teaching courses in Nutrition and Medical Terminology since 2012. I have also designed and facilitated corporate and community nutrition education programs and provided health promotion and wellness consults to individuals and families.

I discovered my passion for breastfeeding and lactation while appointed as the Indian River County W.I.C. Breastfeeding Coordinator in 2006. Five years later, I proudly sat for and passed the I.B.C.L.C. board exam. Over the years, I have become an advocate for breastfeeding and mother's milk, as we understand this to be the foundation of a lifetime of good health and the way nature intended us to nourish our babies.   

My most important accomplishment to date is becoming the mother of three amazing children, all of whom were breastfed for many, many months, each with their own unique breastfeeding challenges and journey. After the birth of my daughter in 2017, I felt the Lord calling me to serve the mothers of my community and start a comprehensive mobile and virtual lactation and wellness practice. This prompting gave birth to Lactation & Wellness Consultants of Brevard, LLC.  

A mother is THE glue that holds a family together, yet we are so busy caring for those around us that our health and wellness are often put on the back burner. If our mental, physical and spiritual needs are not being met and our food and environment are toxic, our ability to mother well is impacted and chronic dis-ease will follow. The good news is with proper knowledge, support, and the right tools in our toolbox, we can stay healthy, vibrant, and resilient. It will be my privilege to assist and support you in reaching your wellness and breastfeeding goals.

- Christy