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Fit Tribe partners with Healthy Mom University

Back in January of this year, I had the opportunity to sit down with Susan Belcher, owner of Fitness on Fifth in Indialantic, Florida. She is a certified Zumba instructor and mom of two boys, one with autism and epilepsy. Susan inspires and motivates so many women to rise to a "no limits" mentality and to challenge and push for change to become stronger and more satisfied with her body and emotional state. The goal is to offer plenty of grace and love every day and be intentional in how you take care of yourself, banning negative self-talk, and getting out of the habit of making excuses for falling back into bad habits. It's a simple message, but a powerful one. As moms, we tend to "give it all away". We pour into our families, homes, communities,u jobs, and leave very little for ourselves. Often times we end up leaning on our unhealthy vices to get us through. This is how we lose ourselves and the health of our mind-body-spirit and consequently as our health and energy levels decline, we lose our motivation to stay fit and practice self-care.

The truth is, though, mamas, if we don't want our world to start crumbling underneath us, then we need to "put our oxygen masks on first". I know you've heard this before, but it doesn't mean you don't love your kids or your husband or your friends, it just means that if you can find yourself again, and find some things to pursue that you are passionate about and fill your emotional and spiritual bucket, then you're going to start feeling like a whole person again and you'll start to get that pep back in your step. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Just make sure what you are doing is positive and isn't hurting yourself or anyone else.

In my interview with Susan, she describes how she made the choice to make her life better by setting aside one hour every day to practice Zumba and dance. This was the decision that changed the trajectory of her life and now she has found that "sweet spot" that we all aim for. Her love for fitness, dance, and health has now turned into a community of women, The FIT TRIBE because we are stronger and will stay motivated when we do it together. Her passion for dance and fitness combined with the desire to support her son and autism families inspired her to create and spearhead Spring Forward for Autism, an annual charity event to raise money for her son's school, The Scott Center at Florida Tech.

And so, Healthy Mom University is honored and excited to be partnering with Susan and the Fit Tribe for the 6-Week anti-inflammatory challenge! I will be on the team of experts along with Susan and Health Coach Jen Taylor. Together we will educate, challenge, and inspire you to get fit and healthy through a whole lifestyle approach. Included in the 6-week challenge:






If you need inspiration, check out my interview with Susan posted below and when you're ready to sign up, click this link and we'll send you everything you need. If you aren't sure and need more info, let us know and Susan, Jen, or I will gladly fill in all of the gaps. We can do this together! Remember there are no limits to what you can achieve, only our thoughts keep us from reaching your goals.

Eat well, be well, Beautiful Mama!


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