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I Don't Want To Mom Today!

I don't want to mom today.

I am tired. I just want to play.

Momming is HARD.

Morning, noon, and all through the night.

Too often awake, staring up at the ceiling.

How can I get my mind to stop reeling?

Are they getting sick? Should I call the doc?

And where the heck is that missing sock?

Should I have made her nap when she pitched a fit?

And Lord, why did I have to lose my shhh... Sugar!

They are getting way too much sugar!

Junk food is everywhere and getting harder to control.

They already call me the candy patrol.

The laundry is piling, the dishes need washing...

Oh, crap! Have the boys been flossing?

I want to be like this bird, so fine...

Free to put my feet in the sand and lose track of time.

No one to barge in on my shower.

No one to...pick me a flower.

No one to tell me "You're the best mom EVER!"

No one to laugh at my silly jokes

and make me feel clever.

No one to give me the best hugs I've ever had.

No one to tell me "Mommy, it's okay", when I get mad.

No one to love me like ever before...

On second thought,

I'll go back to Momming now. I'm ready for more.

Author - Christy Vergara, MS, IBCLC

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