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I'm fed up and it's time to do something about it

Have you thought about why the U.S. has suffered the highest COVID-19 mortality rates in the entire world? Well, let me raise my hand. It's quite simple actually. The reason is that to begin with, as a nation we are the sickest and most unhealthy. Allow me to throw some nauseating statistics at you. As of 2019, obesity rates now exceed 35% of our population. In case you were not aware, obesity is a top risk factor for COVID-19 related hospitalization. Over 10% of our population has diabetes with nearly half of Americans over 65 with pre-diabetes. Both are major risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization. Nearly half of Americans have some form of heart disease, another significant risk factor for COVID-19 related hospitalization. Even more nauseating is the fact that 1 in 4 Americans die of heart disease. This is not only devastating for families and loved ones, but it is breaking our health care system. More than 100 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, nearly 1/3 of our entire population.

What is the common denominator among all of these diseases? Easy. They are all lifestyle-related. Dr. Joel Furhman calls them "diseases of nutritional ignorance". Living a healthy lifestyle is the surest way to prevent or delay illness. Period. No buts or ands about it. Food is the most effective lifestyle intervention. So, it sort of boggles my mind when I offer a free nutrition class, why people aren't lining up. Is ignorance really bliss? The less we know, the less we have to change and take action? If we ignore the elephant in the room long enough, it will go away. Not a chance, Friends. Why is it when Disney offers a free family sing-along on TV, everyone can find time to sit and stare at a screen for an hour, but when it comes to the protection of their mind, body, and family, they can find every excuse not to learn and grow?

It's time to Woman Up, Friends. Get your nutrition information from a trusted source. I've been studying lifestyle nutrition and living these principles for many years. I practice what I preach. If you know me, you know it's the truth. Join me tonight at 7:30 pm for a FREE nutrition class and start taking back your health and our nation's health. If you really can't make it, sign up for it anyway and I'll send you the archive. It's up to us, moms. We have the power to change the trajectory of our family's health and consequently our nation's state of health. Showing up is the first step

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