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I see you, moms of little boys...

I see you over there, mom of a little boy.

I see you over there, trying to keep your cool

As he jumps into a rain puddle like it's a pool.

They say boys are easier.

No drama. No fluff...

but you know better.

Raising boys is tough.

Abounding energy; darting left then right.

It's all you can do to keep him in sight.

His dad's always working.

You have no family around...

and the loneliness is becoming profound.

Stay strong, beautiful Mama.

This too shall pass.

Before you know it, he'll be thirteen and giving you a good dose of sass.

For now, keep your wild thing close.

Hold him tight,

Because in his eyes, YOU are the sun shining bright.

He can see you love him no matter what.

Even in those moments when you want to pop his...

Well, you know.

So remember, beyond the superhero capes,

And the cars, trucks, and trains,

There is beauty in the chaos

And in the growing pains.

You are not alone, Sweet Mama.

There are plenty of us just like you.

Now you go and have fun in that puddle, too.

Author - Christy Vergara, MS, IBCLC

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