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Learning to love your mom bod

You did it. You created a tiny human. The beautiful, precious being in front of you was designed by God and built by you. Every single organ, every single little toe, every single built it all almost entirely by yourself albeit one fertilizing cell at the beginning. Then after you built your tiny human(or humans) using your own energy and physicological resources, you then delivered this amazing creation into the world, which is for many of us a very painful and sometimes traumatic experience.

That's not all, though! Then after you spend months building your tiny human, and hours if not days laboring over and then delivering your tiny human, you then kept he/she safe, warm, and fed around the clock for months until this little being could walk, talk, and begin to do things for him/herself. What an amazing, courageous, strong, and benevolent woman you are? Do you believe me when I say this? If we can accomplish this amazing feat, then why do we get so down on ourselves?

This is especially true when it comes to our post-baby body. Yes, pregnancy changes you inside and out. We gain weight, stretch marks, scars...organs shift, and muscles stretch. Growing a baby is intense and hard work for your body. In many ways, our bodies are changed forever. Some things bounce back but many things do not.

Do you give yourself the respect and love you deserve since becoming a mother? Your story of motherhood is unique. Your experiences of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are special because they are your badges of honor. You have earned every single one through hard work and dedication to the health and well-being of your baby.

Today I am highlighting a Healthy Mom who, like many of us, has overcome challenges within motherhood. She has, through her own journey, found a place of peace, pride, and acceptance in her life as a mother and living in her post-baby body. Read on Brittany inspires us with her story...

Hi, I’m Brittany Holstine, I’m married to a wonderful man who is a police sergeant and works hard so I can be a stay at home mom to our two beautiful little girls. We have a 6-year-old and a one-year-old. I absolutely love being a mom my girls bring me so much joy every single day.

The most challenging experience I’ve dealt with so far as a mom would have to be breastfeeding which would also be my most rewarding experience ironically. I had a really rough time with breastfeeding my second baby. I didn’t even try breastfeeding my first child because everyone encouraged me to quit saying it wasn’t worth it, but luckily I had the support of a lactation consultant (Christy Vergara) with my second baby to help me through it! Now I am at 15-months breastfeeding my baby girl with only one breast the entire time and we are still going strong!

On January 1st, 2020, I decided that this year I was going to love my new mom-body because it’s given me my two favorite things in the world. So, I decided to start making some changes about the way I was treating my body. I started exercising 30-minutes to an hour five days a week either running or going to the gym. I also stopped eating junk like pizza rolls and desserts constantly. I maybe eat two desserts a week. When I crave dessert I have a bite and then I feel better.

On top of exercising and eating better I did intermittent fasting for 16 hours every day. Doing all that helped me lose 20 pounds in less than 2-months! I feel great about myself now even though I’m still 10-pounds away from my goal weight, but now I know I can get there if I put the effort in! In order to be your best self you have to love yourself, and that includes loving your body imperfections and all!

I hope this encourages you, Mama. Life is a matter of choices. Every choice you make from your lifestyle choices to your self-talk can either build you up or tear you down. You have accomplished amazing things with your mind and body. Love yourself like your life depends on it. You deserve to know you are beautiful, mom bod and all!

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