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The Inflamed Mommy

Life is very interesting, isn't it? One minute we are racing out the door to soccer practice and the next minute we are standing in line at the grocery store 6-feet apart wearing masks and gloves praying not to become a statistic of this pandemic. Bizarre. Surreal. Strange times. I have heard our current state described in many ways. We are learning to adapt, let go of control and rely on each other for moral and practical support. All of which is helping us to reconnect with the human condition and understand how fragile we are as a whole. This is the silver lining.

What concerns me the most with how we are coping with this pandemic is that we are having to make (or choosing to make) some poor choices when it comes to our food and wellness. Don't get me wrong, if you are one of the many moms who are doing at-home workouts with the kids and taking advantage of the plethora of internet resources available, I am so proud of you! Many moms have implemented immune-supporting nutrients into the daily routine and are reducing the amount of sugar the family consumes, all of which can go a long way in keeping our inner immunity army ready to fight as needed. If you are doing this, then you are so awesome, I would give you the biggest air hug if I saw you...standing at least 6-feet apart, of course.

Many families, however, are facing job loss and financial constraints and are having to cut back on the food and wellness budget. Some are also having a hard time finding fresh and frozen produce, especially organic produce, clean proteins, and other whole foods. Either because the stock is low at the grocery store or these families are cut off from society for a while. This means the only option is to consume processed and refined foods virtually void of micronutrients, dietary fiber and laden with chemicals, added sugars, and rancid fats. Wow, I really know how to take the fun out an oreo, don't I? Sorry to be a joy kill, but the reality is that these foods may taste delicious, but consuming these foods day in and day out will put us in a state of chronic inflammation.

Why should we care about inflammation? Because we now have enough evidence to demonstrate that chronic inflammation makes us sick. Pick a disease or symptom. Any one. From joint pain and brain fog to allergies and cancer. Almost every single disease is connected to chronic low-level inflammation. This is actually good news though. It's good news because that puts the ball back into our court. It's good because now we can feel confident that our food and lifestyle choices really do matter. Our ability to cope with stress matters. Our level of physical activity matters. Our sleep quality matters and perhaps the most challenging of all to control, although not impossible, our environment matters.

So, the ball is back in our court. Now what? Well, now we have to use the resources that are available to us. Everyone's situation is different, but in this day and age, resourcefulness can go a long way. If you are interested in learning more about how your lifestyle choices can either heal or aggravate the body, sit in on one of my virtual health education classes within our Healthy Mom University platform or schedule a one-on-one health coaching session. Let's create a plan of action to launch your anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

In the meantime, make the best choices you can every single day. Every small choice counts. Drink more lemon-ginger water and less processed drinks. Eat single ingredient whole foods rather than processed, mixed foods. Eat as much fresh and frozen produce as possible. Eat more plant-based proteins such as beans, raw nuts, and seeds. Take a high-quality multivitamin and mineral and omega-3 supplement if your doctor approves. Use turmeric, ginger, and garlic to spice your meals. Move as much as possible, even when you don't feel like it. The less you move, the less you feel like moving. Be intentional. Be brave to try new things. Let's take advantage of this change of pace and pick up some healthy new habits and enjoy the benefits that come with making daily, intentional and positive lifestyle choices!

You get to decide!

Be well, Healthy Mama.


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