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Healthy Diet

"You are a superhero...any woman who takes charge of cooking for her family takes charge of her family's health, and not only physical!"


- Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride

Our wellness professionals know firsthand the challenges of motherhood. We help busy and overwhelmed moms set and reach achievable goals and clear out barriers that are keeping us from optimal health and fully enjoying our children. Our wellness services are customized to each mom we serve keeping in mind and respecting diverse mothering styles, values and priorities. No judgments here! 


We will guide you toward a positive lifestyle plan that meets you where you are at currently in this very busy season of life.  We also recognize the individual, complete with your very own unique biochemistry. Understanding who a person is and how different foods and environments affect your overall health is a big part of what we do and how we can successfully help you feel better and reach your health and wellness goals. 


Our mission is to help you to improve the areas of your health and wellness that you are struggling with by making small, manageable changes over time, using the resources that are already available to you. You are in good hands with us!

We already know you are a supermom, but even superheroes sometimes need back-up.  Here are some ways we can help:

  • Get control of weight and food cravings by helping you to develop a simple, yet powerfully healthy meals using real food. No, we won't tell you to quit dark chocolate and coffee!

  • Have more physical stamina and emotional resilience. This means more patience and energy to play with your kids and check tasks on off the never-ending to-do list!

  • Staying calm and reducing chronic stress. Except when installing the car seat. Nobody's that good. 

  • Improve sleep quality. Trust us, we know sleep deprivation firsthand. We can educate you on restorative sleep hygiene for the whole family!

  • Find peace and contentment in this overwhelming season of life. Including strategies for incorporating prayer and meditation, productive reflection and breathwork. This is such an important part of living a life of wellness that we often put on the back burner!

  • Learn strategies for reducing your toxic load. We will share with you easy ways to clean up your environment and incorporate safe, non-toxic, and effective cleaning and personal care products into your home. Discover our favorite clean and green everyday products by joining our email list.

  • Find fulfillment and gratitude in the mundane, including housework, meal prep, laundry, car-rides, grocery shopping, and cleaning up those exhausting non-stop messes.

  • Build stronger, deeper relationships with your kids and family. ​

  • You also won't want to miss out on our masterclasses and workshops within our women's wellness program Healthy Mom University. Click here for details on all of our services and to schedule online. 

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